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Today Someone I Love Passed Away


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By Dianne Ahern

The great mystery of death and what happens when we die is perplexing for adults, but is even more bewildering for children. This book provides an understanding of death and salvation, the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, and the Last Viaticum, and presents it in such a way that children and their parents will cherish. In the story section, Danny, a young boy, becomes enraged when he has to give up his room so Grandpa Vernon can come to live with the Walsh family. In no time Grandpa is able to win over the hearts of Danny and his siblings with tales of his sailing adventures and how Grandma loved the thought of going to heaven. When a playmate passes away, Grandpa Vernon, with loving patience, teaches the children about death, meeting Jesus, and becoming saints. Later the children are able to use their faith and knowledge to deal with Grandpa s eventual decline and death. The truth is comforting! Some Final Things follows the story and includes prayers for the sick and dying, Biblical support of judgment and purgatory, customs observed by other religions, and a very useful glossary of terms. Also included is a place for creating A Memorial for My Loved One.

Hardcover, 2008

Grief and Loss for Children