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The Suitcase, A Story About Giving

By Jane G. Meyer
Zeal and excitement are a part of every child. This picture book celebrates a young boy’s enthusiasm to put into practice the words of Christ: to feed and clothe the poor; help the needy; and love one’s neighbor.
As Thomas shows his family the items he has packed into his suitcase after hearing a stirring homily at church, they marvel at his inventiveness and loving heart—he is traveling to the Kingdom of Heaven, and he knows what it takes to get there! Thomas and his family figure out a way, with his suitcase, to accomplish the goal that Thomas is so excited about: to arrive at the Kingdom.
This is a delightful book showing a multi-ethnic family, and the group scene at the end of the book includes a diverse group of adults and children. Complete with wonderful illustrations, this book will help show children how even they can help other people.  In the back of the book is a resource page for grown-ups. –Congregational Libraries Today
Author Bio:
Jane G. Meyer is a children’s book author and editor who lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband and children. She is a trained catechist, a homeschooling mom of a spunky fifth-grader, and a supporter of allowing children to express their faith in God in their own unique ways. Jane loves the outdoors, baking hearth breads, pruning fruit trees, drinking tea, traveling anywhere! and weaving with pine needles. But more than any hobby, Jane believes in the Kingdom of God, and wants to walk, suitcase in hand, with kids like Thomas along that very road…
Paperback, 2017