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The Miracle of ME

Discover life in the womb from the baby¡¦s perspective!

The news of a baby on the way can bring a range of emotions! For some immense joy and happiness, and for others mixed emotions. Because not all expectant parents are inclined to pick up technical manuals and brochures about fetal development, the author uses simple language and poetry to help foster an early bond between mother and child. While the book is written in a way that is both entertaining and educational, the real brilliance of this work is that it is relevant to a variety of audiences it's simple enough for children, and informative for expectant parents as well.

Written from the unborn baby's point of view, The Miracle of Me underscores the reality that life begins at the moment of conception and gives the child a voice. It features a week-by-week account of how the baby grows and develops using rulers and scales as well as real in-utero photography, including famous photos from Lennart Nilsson;s collection to visually mark the baby's progress making it easy for the expectant parents to connect with their baby. And because the contents of the book are medically sound, it has been endorsed by many in the medical field, including Dr. Gerry Sotomayor, OB/GYN and Founder of Babies for Life Foundation.

The Miracle of Me is an entertaining yet educational resource that captures the wonder of human life in the womb.