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St. Kevin’s Cross


St. Kevin's Cross - 192

St. Kevin’s Cross is named after the founder of the Glendalough Monastery in (Glendalough Valley of the Two Lakes) Ireland.  The Dove is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit descending from God to peoples hearts, encircled by Thy Will Be Done – accepting God’s will in our life.  St. Kevin would often visit Glendalough alone to meditate, eating only “nuts of the wood and plants of the ground and pure water to drink.”  After word of his piety spread, many disciples came to Glendalough, contrary to the saint’s hope for seclusion.  Glendalough was a place of religious pilgrimage for centuries following its establishment as a monastic center by St. Kevin in the 6th century.  By the 12th century it was an important diocese.  But Viking raids from the 9th century onward did Glendalough much damage, and after a great fire in 1398, it declined as a religious center.  Today Glendalough lies within Glendalough Forest Park and is open to visitors throughout the year.

Co. Wicklow, Ireland

5” x 5”

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