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Sex Education The Final Plague


By Randy Engel

Proves why classroom sex education is always wrong and always harmful; that it destroys modesty; awakens the passions; promotes sexual activity and fosters acceptance of sexual sins. Shows where it comes from; who promotes it; that it is all-pervasive. Gives the Church's position; that sex education is the right and duty of parents only; which may be delegated to others; but never usurped! A must for parents; teachers and priests.

Mrs. Randy Engel is an author who has written extensively on such topics as pro-life issues, population control, sexual conditioning, and anti-life programming. She is also the foundress of the United States Coalition for Life, or USCL, which she has served as director since 1972. Mrs. Engel also edits the USCL Pro-Life Reporter and has appeared before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. When she was National Director of the National Vietnam Refugee and Information Services, Randy received a Distinguished Service Medal in the 1960s for her gracious assistance to orphans and refugees. Her Sex Education: The Final Plague was originally published in 1989 by Human Life International, Maryland, and later printed by TAN in 1993.

Paperback 1993

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