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Playing Cards - Celtic Peacocks


The peacock was an admired symbol in Celtic culture that signified immortality. Celts also believed that the “eyes” in the peacock’s plumage gave the bird foresight into the future.

Decorating the cards are Celtic and Trinity knots. The infinite loops of Celtic knots were used by ancient Celts to symbolize the undying love they shared with loved ones. Trinity knots symbolize the significance of the number three.

■Designed with a beautiful Celtic peacock, a symbol of immortality in Celtic heritage. The knotwork displayed on each side of the notebook is a representation of the interconnectivity of all things in life. The Ireland inscription allows you to showcase national pride and celebrate your roots.

■This playing card set comprises 4 suits (club, spade, heart, and diamond), each with 13 ranks.

■The cards in this set have dimensions of 9.7 cm H x  6.7 cm W ( 4"" H x 2 3/4"" W).