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Physicians Healed - Personal, inspiring and compelling stories of 15 physicians who do not prescribe contraception


Edited by Cleta Hartman

Physicians Healed tells the personal, inspiring conversion stories of 15 doctors who no longer prescribe contraceptives to their patients. Their compelling narratives speak to the struggles healthcare professionals, clergy and lay people face in accepting the Catholic Church's teaching on contraception and the great joy and peace that come in accepting God's plan for sex within marriage.

Physicians Healed is packed with a level of honesty rarely found in conversion stories. These courageous doctors frankly discuss how they dealt with performing abortions while in medical school, prescribing the "pill" to teenagers and financial pressures to prescribe contraceptives to their patients. In the end, the faith of these doctors triumphs as their moral struggle ends with a faith-filled decision to stop prescribing contraceptives.

A must-read, this critically-acclaimed book shows the great impact one person's witness can have on other people's moral decisions, the tremendous power of the clergy to influence the faithful and the secure peace that comes from making good and wise decisions.

Paperback 1998

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