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Nuts and Bolts: A Practical, How-To Guide for Explaining and Defending the Catholic Faith


By Tim Staples, Foreword by Patrick Madrid

There’s a growing movement of lay Catholics who are on fire to share their Faith. Part of that Faith is the confession that God did not hand us abstractions, but instead became a flesh and blood man in the person of Jesus Christ. In his new book, Nuts and Bolts, gives us solid help for incarnating our Faith and carrying it, not to some abstraction like “people,” but to that guy in the next cubicle at work, that aldy with the cats who lives next door, and your dorm mate. This is evangelization with legs. - Mark Shea, author of Making Senses Out of Scripture This book is so effective because it shows you how opponents of the Catholic Church think and the kinds of arguments they use. It uses Scripture and common sense to provide powerful answers to those arguments. With his insights as a former Evangelical Protestant who was quite anti-Catholic, Tim Staples is one of the leading Catholic apologists today. - Matthew Pinto, author of Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? At the present time the Catholic Church finds itself in a great spiritual struggle, one of the most intense in her 2000 year history. Pope John Paul II called it the struggle between Truth and Anti-Truth. In these spiritual battles we need to know the truth clearly and Tim Staples’ book, “Nuts and Bolts,” is a very important spiritual weapon in this warfare. If ex-Catholics are among the most vocal and determined opponents of the Catholic Church, we can safely conclude that converts from the evangelical tradition to the Catholic Church would be among her most powerful defenders. Reading “Nuts and Bolts” by Tim Staples, a committed convert to the Catholic faith, will strengthen us to deal with some of the most frequently used arguments to attack the Church’s beliefs and practices. I believe this book is a treasure of spiritual wisdom, especially those in the struggle for Truth. - Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. Vice-Postulator for the Cause of Canonization of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Softcover, 2007

Apologetics, Catholic Church & Church History