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Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Help Teenagers with Their Parents’ Separation or Divorce


By Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski

If your parents are separated or divorced, then you're already an expert in the feelings and emotions that can develop from such a disaster. What you may not be an expert in, however, is how best to channel and learn from those feelings. Author Lynn Cassella- Kapusinski endured her own parents' divorce when she was eleven, and she has written Now What Do I Do? to share her own experiences to make your journey easier.

Now What Do I Do? is written as a workbook to help you vent some of your anger, fear and frustration over your parents' breakup. Some of the activities are fun while others are more serious; some are designed to be done alone, others can be done with friends. The point of this book is to help you realize that you are not alone as you go through this tough time.

The chapters include:
  • Feeling Bummed Out: How Do You Deal with It?
  • Blame: Whose Fault Is It Anyway?
  • Self-Esteem: Am I Any Good?
  • Parents: If I Ignore the Problems, Will They Go Away?
  • Parents: What Am I Going to Do with Them?
  • Family: Will I Ever Have One Again?
  • War Zone: How Do I Get Out?
  • Anger: How Do I Get Past It?
  • God: Where Are You When I Need You?
  • Forgiveness: What If I Don't Want To?

Praise for Now What Do I Do?

As a teenager, Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski lived through the divorce of her parents which was a painful and heartbreaking experience. However, out of that difficult time in her life, she has grown in wisdom and grace to write a heartfelt and practical guide for teens to assist them in their journey toward healing when they experience the tragedy of divorce and the breaking apart of a family. Knowing that separation and divorce have devastating consequences on families and children, Ms. Cassella-Kapusinski seeks to help teenagers overcome the difficulties that their parents’ choices have made in their lives. By coping with grief in a healthy way, overcoming the tendency to blame themselves, learning healthy relationship skills, avoiding the conflicts between their parents and finding God’s help in the process, teenagers can come to regain a sense of wholeness again. Ms. Cassella-Kapusinski has created an interactive tool to assist teens in their search for peace, forgiveness and healing in the presence of a loving God.

Paperback 2006

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