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Nothing But the Truth - Essays in Apologetics


By Karl Keating

"When attacked, should I speak up? Or should I shut up?
"What if, by keeping silent, I allow the faith to be tarnished and people to be scandalized?
"Is my desire to vindicate the faith masking a deeper desire to vindicate myself?
"Is my pride overpowering prudence, or is it pride that encourages me to sit out the fray?"

When our Catholic faith is challenged, we all struggle with these questions. In "Nothing But the Truth," Karl Keating explores the conflict in a series of essays. He leavens history, theology, and apologetics with his characteristic wit and candor as he shares accounts of our faith on trial and how he and others respond to each challenge. Readers are treated to a roller coaster ride that carries them from John Henry Newman to Ayn Rand, from Japan to Keating's own backyard in San Diego. Once again, Karl Keating has provided readers with something that is as informative as it is entertaining, and as practically useful as it is inspiring.

Paperback, 1999

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