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Lil Prayer Buddy: Louie Lamb


Pray along with Louie the Lamb! He recites the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be when you squeeze his belly. A favorite gift for baptisms and baby showers, Louie features whimsical patterns, cheerful colors and a variety of soft textures to fascinate and comfort both boys and girls. Grandparents, godparents and parents love how Louie teaches important Catholic prayers from early on. And the child's love for Louie grows as he becomes a treasured part of the nighttime comfort routine.

Louie the Lamb's newly designed and updated sound box works with a gentle squeeze, features an on/off override switch and replaceable batteries, and can be removed by an adult for Louie's trips to the washing machine.

What's New: Instead of pressing his paw, you hug his belly to start/stop his prayers. Take out the sound box in our latest Louie, and toss his fabric body in the washer/dryer. The new Louie the Lamb takes slightly different batteries. The sound box is completely different, including an ON/OFF switch that lets you turn his voice off completely if your child is praying too often. (Just kidding!)

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