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Heaven’s Song, Sexual Love as it was Meant to Be


 By Christopher West

Journey with Christopher West into the hidden talks of John Paul II's Theology of the Body only recently discovered in the archives in Rome and find out why the Pope himself deemed them too delicate to be delivered in St. Peter's Square.
What is it about music? Consider what happens when you chance upon your favorite song on the radio. What emotions does it stir? What season of your life does it zoom you back to? Now, imagine if you can hear the greatest song ever written. To what heavenly places would it lift you? The Bible actually claims to contain the song of all songs: the boldly erotic Song of Songs. Here, as countless saints attest, we discover that sexual love provides the mystical key enabling us to enter into everlasting union with God. Heaven's Song takes you there.
With profound insight, Christopher West guides you through the unabridged version of John Paul II's talks on the erotic poetry of the Song of Songs and the great spiritual contest surrounding the marriage of Tobias and Sarah. If you are already familiar with the Theology of the Body, you will delight in this new material. If not, this book serves as a superb introduction to John Paul's revolutionary teaching and is certain to whet your appetite for more.
In this book, intended for married, single and celibate alike, you will discover:
● What makes the Song of Songs the authentic soundtrack of Christianity?
● What is at the root of the sexual chaos in our culture and how to find peace in the midst of it
● Why there is a violent spiritual attack on marriages today and how to be victorious over it
● How to live an integrated sexual life as a path to union with God
● The secret of Mary (according to St. Louis de Montfort) in living an embodied spirituality Real-life stories of men and women who have found hope and healing in John Paul II's teaching
● Practical advice, prayers, and reflection questions to help you become the man or woman God created you to be

Paperback 2008

Family Life Topics