Encounters with Angels - The Invisible Companions of Our Spiritual Life

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By Odile Haumonté

Discreet but ever faithful, the angels play a vital role in God’s plan for our lives. Created as spiritual beings who mediate between us and God, angels serve as our constant companions, advisers, and protectors, watching over us while standing before God’s throne in Heaven. In this powerful new book, Odile Haumonté carefully combines the writings of Scripture, Tradition, and the testimony of saints who met angels face-to-face to unveil for you the breathtaking facts behind these heroic heavenly beings.

Because they are living reflections of the Holy Face they contemplate, angels draw us into the mysteries of Heaven. Haumonté shows you how to identify the subtle signs — not the overtly miraculous but consequential details — of angelic presences in the here and now. You’ll learn where angels are fully present in the Mass and liturgy and the role they play in your personal prayers. You’ll even discover how angels help us to nurture our children’s desire for God and how they lead us into a profound desire to please Jesus.

Take in these pages, and you’ll soon find yourself on an electrifying spiritual journey that opens your eyes to the role angels are playing in the specific choices you make and how you can more effectively place yourself under their protection. You’ll also learn:

The nine classes of angels — what they are and why they matter

The role angels play at the time of our death

How angels, who know the Word of God perfectly, help us to discover and understand it

Why angels are unable to access your thoughts

Why the fallen angels have no chance of redemption

How angels can assist you in times of temptation

How they are present in intimate family occasions and gatherings of groups that pray

Softcover, 2021

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