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Sea of Galilee Print on Canvas Artwork - Small


About the artwork

The Sea of Galilee, a place that is familiar with the presence of Jesus. This was His mission field. The land where His feet met the earth, over and over. More than any other place in the whole country. The place where Jesus’ service and love was poured out as he gathered His apostles, fed the hungry, healed the sick, spoke of salvation, resurrected the dead, and manifested the tangible love and face of God. The sea itself, is calm and peaceful to this day. His presence still lingers on the tips of the water as fishing boats come and go just as they did when He was here. This place is still significant for Christians today because it stirs in our hearts enormous joy for His presence and zeal to walk the way Jesus walked in our own lives.

High definition print on canvas.

Available in two sizes: Small, 8" x 11" and Medium, 11" x 16" (See SKU#GAL11M))

Canvas on frame is 7/8" Deep

6” x 8” Meditation wall plaque with description included.