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Qumran Print on Canvas Artwork - Small


About the artwork

Qumran is a place where faith meets facts, in the very way that the idea of Jesus is solidified by the findings of The Dead Sea Scrolls. It is very significant to remember the findings here, and what those findings do to support our faith! It is believed that there are theological concepts, rituals and terminology in the Scrolls to place a line directly from life in Qumran to the New Testament; the activity of John the Baptist, the Ministry of Jesus and Paul the Apostle. Qumran is significant for Christians today because of the depth of biblical history. The Dead Sea Scrolls contained various parts of what we now know as the Old Testament, making it possible to begin the construction of the Holy Bible. We believe as Christians that the writing, finding and construction of the Word of God was appointed and guided by the Holy Spirit. The Dead Sea Scrolls are no exception to this belief, and are even considered to be part of the roots of the Word of God. This is such a beautiful concept! Imagine standing here, on the very ground that is foundational to the most transformative book in human history.

High definition print on canvas.

Available in two sizes: Small, 8" x 11" and Medium, 11" x 16" (See SKU#QUMRAN7M)

Canvas on frame is 7/8" Deep

6” x 8” Meditation wall plaque with description included.