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Beyond Vatican II, The Church at a New Crossroads


By Claude Barthe

Is this the Pope who will "transition" the Church fully back to tradition? Why the signs are hopeful, and how Benedict will need the cooperation of all Catholics of good will. Forty-one years after Vatican II, there is much disagreement about what can be done to reverse all the collateral damage. This important new book by Rev. Claude Barthe was first published in France shortly before the election of Benedict XVI, and now contains a major new section on how the German Pope with his vast experience and learning can "transition" the Church to a period of restoration and genuine renewal "beyond Vatican II." The secret to the book's power? Fr. Barthe, who possesses a Vatican-issued celebret enabling him to use the old Latin liturgy exclusively, analyzes the Council and the causes of its undoing by using the same methods as Pope Benedict.


Vatican II