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And God Said, "It's Good!" Amusing And Thought-Provoking Parallels Between The Bible And Football


By Gary Graf

And God Said, "It's Good!" takes the sport of football and compares this favorite Sunday pastime to the Bible—and it works. Once again, Gary Graf combines his love of sports with the Bible, resulting in an amusing and fun-loving book that delights any sports fan.

Comparisons include Hail Mary passes and answered prayers; immaculate receptions and Immaculate Conceptions; football stadiums and cathedrals; biblical verses and double reverses, plus good books and playbooks. These and many more parallels fill this lively and entertaining book.

On any Sunday, you can bet some are brought closer to the spirit of the sport while others are more connected to the Bible. The twenty chapters in this book compare football and the Bible--with remarkable results!
"Forgiveness and good works were just pre-game drills for the Lord's true purpose here on earth."
"God rested on Sunday. Football is mostly played on Sunday. Coincidence? I think not."

Any author who can find similarities between the dazzling colors of a football team and the colorful vestments of a priest--needs to have his book read cover to cover. A delightful read for everyone--even if you're not remotely interested in football.

Softcover, 2007

Teen Spirituality, Bible Reference, Specialty Gifts