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An Arrow in His Hand


By Maria Vadia

We are in a battle! As God's people, we need to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit and fight the good fight of faith (2 Tim. 6:12). Maria Vadia has brought to us a work that truly attacks the fear, emptiness, arrogance, and pride of modern man. In this work she brings before our eyes how the battle today is "not against flesh and blood but against the unseen forces of darkness." To fight this enemy she presents to us numerous passages of the Word of God and the role of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who opens our minds and hearts to face the world and bring Jesus, the Lord, to expel its darkness. It is by the Spirit we have the courage to lay down our lives to intercede in, with and through Christ for His followers, for His Church and the people of the world. Our prophetic prayers of intercession can become "arrows" in the hand of our God in order to hit the target. We are God's representatives on earth; He expects us to pray His prayers and give birth to his plans and purposes for this hour. We are His army! Victory is ours! All of us are called to intercede. This powerful book will enable you to become "An Arrow in His Hand."

Paperback 2006

Holy Spirit