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Why Must I Suffer? A Book of Light and Consolation


By Rev. F.J. Remler, CM

We will all have our lot of suffering in this life. The question is how to benefit from it unto everlasting happiness. Suffering and death are part of our debt due to original sin. Hence, they are necessary for our good; but, why such a debt as this? Fr. Remler provides fifteen reasons why we ought to embrace our trials. This is a practical book, for it has a foolproof game plan, that if followed well, will cut short dramatically our time in purgatory. However, it is much more than that. This magnificent analysis of suffering, as to its cause, its value, and its ultimate effect (i.e., conformity to Christ, the Man of Sorrows) will give us more strength to bear not only our own cross, but to willingly share in the suffering Jesus endured for all men.

Paperback 2003

Grief and Suffering