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Who is Christ? A Theology of Incarnation


By Jean Galot, S.J

“Who is Christ?” Renowned Christologist Fr. Jean Galot, S.J., seeks to offer new insights into this question in the context of salvation. Speculative Christology has become more arduous over the years with the growing number of exegetical works and historical studies of the doctrinal development of Tradition. Galot, while retaining all valid contributions to this area of study, here clarifies his own thinking on scriptural sources and their intepretation by the Magesterium. Christological thought cannot be reduced to a one-sided approach, but must embrace all that has been revealed of Christ. Who is Christ? works toward a synthesis of Fr. Galot’s work and the research that has gone before, giving an overview of Patristic thought, the formulations of Church Councils, and finally the speculative problems posed by the ontology and psychology of Christ. Jean Galot, S.J. is professor emeritus of Christology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is internationally known for his biblical and theological scholarship, particularly in the area of Christology. He is a frequent contributor to L’Osservatore Romano.

Paperback, 1989

Jesus Christ