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Volume Three - Part One, Part Two - Direction for Our Times Series


By as given to Anne, a Lay Apostle

Part One: God the Father Speaks to His Children
These messages were recorded by Anne, a lay apostle in December 2003. God the Father communicates to all of us, His children. He addresses those who are with Him, and those who are against Him. Readers recognize in His messages the unquestionable authority He carries. Truly, He is Our Father. He gives specific instruction for us to come back to Him and how to grow closer to Him. He also reveals glimpses of heaven and calls us firmly to the path that leads there. He communicates in all majesty as a merciful Father who wants to preserve and protect our soul.

Part Two: The Blessed Mother Speaks to Her Bishops and Priests
These messages were recorded by Anne, a lay apostle, in August 2003. Mary speaks to her bishops and priests about the need to prepare for coming events and she gives them practical advice on how to do so. She advises them to be disciplined in a daily prayer regime and to encourage others to attend daily Mass, pray the family rosary and to use the Sacrament of Confession. She encourages them in their priesthood and helps them with various struggles they encounter in their vocation. She calls them strongly to participate in the mission of mercy God has begun to help renew the earth.


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