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Volume Five, Direction for Our Times, Jesus the Redeemer


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As given to Anne, a lay apostle.

This book contains messages recorded in May and June 2004 from Jesus the Redeemer and from many saints. Jesus continues to draw us closer to Him. He encourages trust in Him and to be focused on Him. Additionally, He gives us warning of things to come so that we may prepare ourselves spiritually by relying more and more on Jesus. Through the messages He provides understanding and divine calm to our souls.

There are numerous messages from the saints including St. Therese, the Little Flower and St. Joan of Arc, among several others. They give very practical advice on growing in holiness and encourage us to rely on them for their heavenly intercession. They cover a variety of spiritual topics including detachment, discouragement, trust in God, courage, duties in family life, and more.

"My dear earthly souls must fix their gaze on Me, much as a sailor will use the North Star to navigate his direction. If your gaze is fixed on Me, you will always be sailing towards heaven. There will be small diversions in your course, but generally you will be moving nearer. I speak now with firmness because I am certain there is no other way for you. If you take your eyes from Me for even the shortest period you will be swept away from your course, such are the winds of the world." -Jesus, May 5, 2004

"...a great many of you are having difficulty with material possessions and the wish to overeat and overdrink. You have difficulty with the idea that these comforts and pleasures might be withdrawn from you. As one who had to do without those things in my service to God, I assure you, they are only a burden. You will be liberated without them. Now this is not to say you should wear no clothes and abandon your homes. I am not saying that. I am saying that you should detach yourself from the things of the world by paying less attention to them." -St. Barnabus, May 21, 2004

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