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Today I Made My First Communion


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By Dianne Ahern 

Join Maria and Riley as they enter their church to begin First Communion classes. The children’s anxiousness gives way to curiosity and finally to confidence as they offer to help Father Hugo solve the Mystery of the Eucharist!

Although initially taken-back by this offer, Father Hugo deftly turns it into a teaching opportunity. He challenges the children to look throughout the church for clues to solve the Mystery. Then he explains how the things they find point to the Eucharist.
Other members of the parish staff get involved too! Deacon Paul helps the class with their prayers. Sister Mary Rose, the music minister, invites them visit the choir loft and discover the importance of music. Their teacher, Ms. Kelly, brings it all together as she explains the Mass to the children.
When it’s Father Hugo’s turn to explain the Eucharist, he makes the connection between the Last Supper, the Mass, and the clues the children found in the church during their earlier classes. However, Maria and Riley continue to struggle with the Mystery.

Hardcover Gift Edition, 2011

First Holy Communion