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The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of the Americas


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The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of America, is the true story of the most remarkable event in the history of the Americas. On a cold December morning in 1531, the Mother of God appeared on a barren hilltop to a humble Aztec convert to Christianity. That meeting and the others that followed changed not only the life of Juan Diego, but also the course of history for both the Aztecs and the Spanish conquerors.

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of America, tells St. Juan Diego's story with the aid of 18 beautiful full-color photographs of the paintings of master artist, Jorge Sánchez-Hernández. His "Nican Mopohua" collection is perhaps the most exquisite and moving depiction of the apparitions ever painted. Children and adults will delight in seeing these images bring to life this timeless story. About the Story

Unlike many of Our Lady's appearances in other places, such as Fatima and Medjugorje, Mary comes with no general message in words for the world, but rather with a mission of action for two men. To Juan Diego, "Go and ask, and keep on asking," and to Bishop Zumárraga, "Build a temple." The extraordinary friendship between the Mother of God and St. Juan Diego exemplifies mutual trust, self-confidence, courage, and perseverance.

In contrast, Mary's message intended for the Aztec people and Spanish settlers alike, was spoken not with words, but eloquently with an image of herself, an image whose symbols the people then living would know how to interpret. Thus, with one exquisitely rendered self-portrait and a tilma full of roses, Our Lady changes hearts, liberates a people from the suffering of human sacrifice, and gives hope for the end of foreign oppression. With her mysterious painting, Our Lady would begin, on a grand scale, the spiritual conversion of Mexico that Christian missionaries up to that time had been unable to accomplish.

Our Lady's spoken message was, effectively, "Come to me and tell me all your woes and problems, I am your Merciful Mother, the Mother of the One, True God, the Mother of all the nations on Earth, and I want to alleviate your sufferings." She comes as Mother to remind us that she is ever with us, always ready to help, to guide, to comfort, nurture and love us. No obstacle stands in her way. We need only turn to her in our anxiety.

St. Juan Diego gives an example to all those who would volunteer for noble causes, but not by neglecting his family, even though he has been asked directly to go on a divine mission. Our Lady acknowledges and respects his devotion to his dying uncle, Juan Bernardino, whom she visits to comfort and cure him, and give him also a message for the bishop.

The story appeals delightfully to young boys and girls whose confidence and self-esteem may be fragile - the littlest ones; the quiet, timid ones; the misunderstood and overlooked ones, as they find in Juan Diego encouragement and hope. Their Mother in Heaven notices their needs and their circumstances, and she will stand by them in all they must face because they are very dear to her.

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of America is a treasure for children and equally rich and rewarding for their parents. The human heart is made to respond to stories, and simple stories simply told can lead to the greatest discoveries of meaning and reality. Allow this story to rest in your heart and learn how it applies urgently and easily to many areas of your own life. Order your gift copies - and your own copy - now.

Letters from children

Children have responded to The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of America, with intense interest and wide-eyed fascination. Following are excerpts from letters written by children to whom the author had read the manuscript long before it was published.

The first three excerpts are from children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder:

"Very simple to read. With help, I was able to sound out words. Meanings are easy to understand. Liked the book, liked the pictures. Good story, not boring. Good Catholic book. Mary is very pretty and I liked Juan Diego."
Amanda, 10 years

"This is better than any other religion book, because religion books are boring, but not this one. Can I have a copy?"
Scott, 11 years

"Good, never knew what was going to happen next. Couldn't wait to turn the page, always had to read on. Didn't fall asleep during it, like I usually do when I read by myself. Would like an autographed copy if published. The characters are very interesting and I liked the action."
Matthew, 12 years

The next is a letter from a second grade class:

"Thank you for visiting our class. We learned that Mary appeared to poor people or children. This time she appeared to Juan Diego. We liked the part where the Bishop held his breath. The pictures are beautiful and we would like a copy of the book. Mary never leaves us and She loves us. Love from the children in room 110."