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The Mystery of the Divine Paternal Heart of God Our Father, Why the Time Has Come to Honor the Love of the Father of All Mankind


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By Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko

“As I have seen, the whole life and ministry of Dr. Petrisko is directed to God the Father.  And now, he is calling the Catholic Church to have a special devotion to the Father and to set up a special Feast to bring honor, praise and worship to the Father. 

In this book, I believe the great apostle of God the Father, Thomas Petrisko, has written a masterful theological and spiritual treatise to promote the devotion needed to the Paternal Heart of the Father that will hopefully lead up to this special Feast Day for God the Father – The Solemnity of the Divine Paternal Heart:  The Feast of the Father of All Mankind!” Rev. William J. McCarthy, MSA

Paperback, 2015

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