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The Eucharist for Beginners: Sacrament, Sacrifice and Communion


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By Kenneth J. Howell

In this powerful book - written for both laypeople and apologists- Kenneth Howell shares what he has learned about the Eucharist over the last ten years, including why Christ gave us this remarkable gift and how it can draw you closer to Christ and change your life.

A greater understanding of this gift is what you'll get in the pages of The Eucharist for Beginners. You'll discover the immense spiritual riches found in the Eucharist.  You'll learn how the Eucharist can bring you closer to God, how it can help you to love and trust God more than you do now, how it can help you build virtue and resist evil, and how it unites you to Christ and all other believers.

Here's just some of you'll discover in The Eucharist for Beginners: Sacrament, Sacrifice and Communion:

  • How a better understanding of the sacrificial nature of God's love for you and helps you to become better at loving God
  • The Mass is an additional sacrifice on top of what Jesus did on the cross, right? Wrong! A common confusion cleared up for good 
  • Are you worthy to receive the Eucharist? Why it's so important to know
  • How a more profound Eucharistic life can help shape your everyday decisions about raising children, juggling obligations, and pursuing your career
  • Powerful Communion prayers from St. Ambrose of Milan, St Thomas Aquinas, St Bonaventure and St John Chrysostom

In short, you'll learn how the Eucharist can literally transform your life, help you fulfill your mission in this life, and make you a better Catholic than you ever thought possible.

Paperback 2006

Eucharist and Prayer