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The Drive Factor - Getting Your Life in Gear for the 7 Areas that Matter Most


By Rick Sarkisian, PhD

The Drive Factor is designed to give Catholics a virtual toolbox of practical ideas and life-changing strategies for their spiritual journey. They will take a tour through the 7 areas of life that matter most—faith, relationships, work, knowledge, society, fitness and leisure—"the 7 LifeWork areas"—as they learn how to allocate time to each area to achieve true joy. Sarkisian helps readers learn how to answer challenging questions like:

- Who--or what--is the driving force of my life?
- How can I shift my life from ‘park’ into high gear?
- How can I become the person God wants me to be?

The Drive Factor will change the very way we think about time, seeing every day, every hour as a precious gift from God. It will help us discover the direction and depth God has designed for our lives, allowing us to see the road ahead through the windshield of eternity, all to better follow God’s unique map for the ‘road trip’ of our life! Illustrated.

Paperback 2003

Family Life Topics