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The Crusader Genesis Vol. 1 ( Catholic Comic Book)


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The Crusader is the perfect way to help foster your child's love of the faith while also presenting them with a fun, exciting and entertaining story in comic book format. The Crusader: Genesis tells the origin story of Scott Bishop a catholic young man trying to live his faith in a turbulent modern world. Scott has been blessed with truly spectacular gifts. He is super strong and his skin is as thick as titanium. When, Scott, feels that God is calling him to help others with these gifts; he becomes....THE CRUSADER.

Recommended for kids age 7 & Up

Standard comic size 6.50"x10"
28 pages

About Golden Age Comics

Golden Age Comics has one simple goal: To create quality characters and stories appropriate for all ages. We write and draw for the young and the young at heart. Our comics are written to reflect a simpler time, when heroes were good and villains were bad. There was no in between. Our aim is to provide heroes that children, and adults, of all ages can look up to. Heroes with morals and values instead of gray areas. Our comics will never contain any objectionable material that parents would be distraught to find their child reading. We hope to provide a wholesome alternative to mainstream comics of today.

Softcover, 2017

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