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Teen Life and Christ - Being Real


By Jerry Shepherd

For many teenagers, it's not cool to show interest in organized religion. They often believe that religion is something that's not quite real—at least, not as real as everyday experiences like family, friends, foes, school, parties, love, hate, anger, desire, and frustration. The Being Real series shows how Catholicism recognizes the realities of teenage life and calls teens to a higher ideal.

Teen Life and Christ is the foundational book in the Being Real series. It addresses topics such as parental roles, peer pressure, and how Christ views teens. It offers teens an inspirational calling to commit to spiritual development, using Christ as a model for living everyday life.

Chapters in Teen Life and Christ include:

  • The Teen Scene.
  • How Christ Views Teens.
  • Excuses.
  • Christ and Commitment.

Paperback 2005

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