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Splendor of The Saints: How They Dazzle the World and Shape History

Fr. Aloysiys Roche (1886-1968) answers that question with wit and wonder in this refreshing, rollicking account of outstanding saintly achievements across the centuries. These stories will inspire you to follow the saints' examples as you discover how they:
Lived fascinating lives that make legends seem dull by comparison
Practiced heroic selfness, detachment, self-denial, and generosity
Displayed startling energy and stamina in fulfilling their missions
Transformed society through ways of thinking far ahead of their time
Left their imprint on the world's geography, languages, and cultures
This new, definitive edition of Fr. Roche's modern classic features a new Foreword about the author's life by Paul Thigpen. It also features 133 new biographic and explanatory footnotes; comprehensive Scripture citations, and an updated style and vocabulary to make it accessible to the contemporary reader.
We must never be "reconciled to our own mediocrity," Fr. Roche insists. Let the high heroism portrayed in Splendor of the Saints stir you "to scale the heights and to get your head among the stars."