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Sixth of Twelve - A Memoir About a Detroit Family in a Dynamic Era


By Colette Taube Dywasuk

Sixth Of Twelve is Colette's unforgettable story about growing up the sixth of twelve children in a traditional Catholic family in Detroit during the 1940's and early 1950's.

It is the story of a dynamic city in a dynamic era, as well as the tale of a family who lived there. You'll feel a part of they strong, loving family and delight in their adventures. Throughout these pages you'll meet people who influenced Colette's early life: her proud, willful mother; her loving, adventurous father; and the numerous older and younger sisters and brothers she lived and played with.

Then a family crisis, modern technology, societal changes, the sexual revolution, and her personal talents interrupt her destiny. Risking the disapproval of a mother she loves, Colette attempts to forge a path in a new direction. Will her mother be able to love and accept her for who she is? Colette's story will warm your heart, bring you to the brink of tears, and finally leave you smiling.

Paperback, 2016

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