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Sisters of the Last Straw Book #1: The Case of the Haunted Chapel


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by Karen Kelly Boyce

Illustrated by Sue Anderson Gioulis

The Sisters of the Last Straw and the Case of the Haunted Chapel is the first in a series of children’s books that convey the fun-filled story of a group of misfit nuns. These sisters and their madcap adventures teach the importance of tolerance and forgiveness. Each book focuses on the virtues of Gospel living and the frailties of human nature. While children delight in the humor and fast-paced exploits of this special group of nuns, they learn the need to be forgiving of the faults of others and to look for the good in all people. Children are enchanted and entertained with the humorous escapades of the characters while learning the importance of basic Christian values, growth, and love.

For young readers, aged 6-12 years old.

Paperback, 2011

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