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Silent No More


By Sister Anne Sophie

"I was too silent", says Sr. Anne Sophie, in this powerful testimony of the evil of abortion and the healing that God can bring to those who have suffered this wound. We are all too silent! this story will help you find the courage to speak up against abortion, to help protect the life of our innocent pre-born brothers and sisters. Sr. Anne Sophie stands as a witness like the many other women of the "Silent No more Awareness Campaign" in a world in desperate need of the Gospel of Life.

Sister Anne Sophie is a woman who has suffered grievous injury that left bleeding wounds inside for many years. As a young girl, life robbed her of her childhood and innocence. As an adult, she discovered the healing presence of Jesus. She is a remarkable woman, and her life is a testimony to the grace of God and power of Love. Her commitment to the neglected and dying, and her fearlessness int he face of human suffering are evidence of the supernatural presence of Jesus in her life and in her work with the Society of the Body of Christ. Her painful background, in God's providence, has uniquely prepared her to be the Lord's instrument of love to all who experience suffering, especially the terminally ill and mothers with crisis pregnancies.

Paperback 2004