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Saying Yes, Discovering and Responding to God's Will in Your Life


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By Albert Haase, OFM

The process of discerning God’s will is one of the most important Christian practices for any contemporary disciple, and it is ongoing and ever-changing. In Saying Yes, Albert Haase, OFM, scholar of Christian spirituality and spiritual mentor to hundreds of people, emphasizes the importance of listening to your life in discerning God’s will—your ordinary life is a megaphone through which God talks to you and the world. Haase. This book offers:

  • ten attitudes for discernment
  • techniques for living a discerning and reflective lifestyle
  • ways you might be sabotaging the grace of God in your life
  • the designs of the devil, something no other book on discernment addresses
  • how to know if a person is wrestling with God
Saying Yes is a timeless, practical handbook for knowing God’s will. It’s filled with real life examples, reflection questions, and prayers for discernment from historic spiritual figures. A DVD with six 30-minute presentations (sold separately) completes the package for an excellent 6-week adult faith formation study group.
Albert Haase, OFM, offers clear, practical spiritual advice in every book. Saying Yes is concise and written without jargon or technical language; it offers real life examples and reflection questions, making the process of discernment accessible.
“What are we living for, what keeps us from being fully alive? Haase offers a faithful and faith-filled reflection on both the simplicity and the complexity of Christian  discernment and discipleship.”
Most Reverend Donald Bolen,Bishop of Saskatoon
“A blueprint and road map for discovering all the places, all the spaces and all the faces through which God speaks to us. Down-to-earth spirituality at its best!” 
-Most Reverend Fernand J. Cheri, III, OFM, Auxiliary Bishop of New Orleans
"Discerning God’s will is a complex task. Father Haase writes concise, practical advice for daily spiritual guidance and the development of an ongoing relationship with God."
U.S. Catholic

"There are a number of books about spiritual discernment, evidenced by the shelf-full of books I own on discovering and discerning the will of God in times of choice. What sets Albert Haase’s Saying Yes apart is his desire to set discernment within a larger frame than that decision-making-angst we feel when we are at a major crossroad. According to Haase, this book 'highlights in a singular way that authentic Christian discernment requires daily listening to the megaphone God uses to communicate with us: the nitty-gritty of everyday life.' This short book designed to help all Christians pursue God’s dream for their life."
—James Matichuk, Thoughts, Prayers & Songs

"Saying Yes is concise and written without jargon or technical language. Replete with real life examples and reflection questions, making the process of discernment accessible, Saying Yes is very highly recommended to all members of the Christian community. . . excellent (for a) 6-week adult faith formation study group."
Midwest Book Review
Ordained a Franciscan priest in 1983, Albert Haase, OFM, is a popular parish mission preacher, teacher, spiritual director and radio show guest. Formerly a missionary to mainland China for over eleven years, he is the author of nine books on popular spirituality and presenter on four bestselling DVDs (by Paraclete Press). He has trained spiritual directors for ten years.
Paperback, 2016
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