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Reading God's Word Today - A Practical and Faith-filled Approach to Scripture


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By George Martin

By George Martin

With persuasive instruction and personal examples, George Martin shows you how to read and understand Scripture in ways that help us hear what God is saying to us and that draw us nearer to him in prayer.

In the most extensive revision yet of his best-selling classic Reading Scripture as the Word of God, this edition brings God's Word to life for beginners through seasoned veterans of Bible study.

How can I get more out of reading Scripture? What can I do to understand Scripture more clearly? How can I hear what God is saying to me through Scripture? How should I apply the messages of the Bible to my life?

Thus, the Bible becomes a window to God, so He can speak to our hearts as well as our heads. The book begins with practical suggestions for reading Scripture in order to understand both the context and the purpose for which it was written. It goes on to discuss how God reveals himself through the words of Scripture and the role of the Holy Spirit as He speaks directly to you through the text.

Study guides at the end of each chapter, interesting sidebars, and directions to internet resources will stimulate personal reflection and also provide the basis for small-group discussion of this eminently practical, yet heart-centered, approach to understanding the Scriptures.

Paperback, 2009

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