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Overcoming the Power of the Occult


By Terry Ann Modica

A complete study to help the reader learn and recognize signs of occult involvement - especially those disguised within games, music, films, religions, and governments.

Just how real is the occult? Is it actually that big of a threat? And what Does it consist of?
It is indeed real. And it is actually a bigger threat then posed by many. It is far more than an image of a sneaky little devil figure in a red suit carrying a pitchfork. Satan's legions include demons of all kinds, articles and activities that come packaged as games or innocent artifacts. It includes the New Age movement, Witchcraft, and cleverly disguised programs, organizations, rituals and leisure time interests of music and film-even corporations, religions and governments. It is everything not committed to and united with Jesus Christ.

Terry Ann Modica is an expert on the power of the occult. She lived it. At the age of 14 she began contacting spirits through seances. She had already used a Ouija board and soon began using Tarot cards. But when she recommitted her life to Christ, she leaned the truth about the occult and began studying Christian perspective. She now has a personal ministry of combating occult deception and delivering people from occult bondage.

"A time bomb of truth, waiting to explode with the facts about the occult."
-Rev. Edward P Nichols, Mental Health Chaplain

"The author skillfully and artfully dispels myth, thus arming the reader with power."
-Ronald Cannella, Ed.D, Licensed Psychologist

Paperback, 1996

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