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Our Lady at Garabandal


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By Judith M. Albright

The second half of this century has produced the greatest array of visions, apparitions and supernatural manifestations the world has ever seen. It is no longer possible for the world, or the Church, to dismiss them as products of mass hysteria or over-active imaginations.

Perhaps lost in this great avalanche of heavenly messages is an even that occurred in the early 1060s, in the little village of Garabandal in north Spain.
Judith Albright has written a simple story of these events, which just now might be reaching the fulfillment of the messages allegedly given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to four young girls in that peasant village.

Garabandal has its critics and its controversies, but it may be time to take another quick look at those apparitions.

The events at Garabandal have neither been approved nor condemned by the Church. However, since the Magisterium of the Church has taken a "new look" at them, we offer this book as an opportunity for the reader to be informed and to discern.

Paperback 2009

Blessed Mother