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Olivia's Gift


By Nancy Carabio Belanger (local author)

Illustrated by Sandra Casali LewAllen

In Olivia and the Little Way, Olivia Thomas was the new girl in school when she felt St. Therese of Lisieux enter her life. Now her relationship with the Little Flower has blossomed into a beautiful friendship as she prepares to follow the Little Way into seventh grade.  School is out for the year and it's time for a fun beach adventure. However, Olivia discovers that sometimes it can be difficult to be a good Catholic when you are in middle school—she discovers she needs God and St. Therese more than ever. In this beautiful novel that celebrates modesty and the precious gift of life, Olivia learns that it takes blind faith every day—and that God is never far away, even on vacation. This captivating story is beautifully accompanied by Sandra Casali LewAllen's stunning illustrations.

Author, Nancy Carabio Belanger, a graduate of Michigan State University, has loved to write ever since she was a little girl. She used to write fiction stories in math class when she was supposed to be listening to the teacher, a practice she certainly does not recommend to her readers! She had a favorite pen she used for her writing and she wishes she still had it now. She has a great love for St. Therese of Lisieux. She says that Therese's Little Way is a reminder to all of us who feel like we can do nothing, that we aren’t old enough, smart enough, etc. We can all make little sacrifices to please God.

Paperback, 2010

Children's, Teen & Saint Books