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My Life on the Rock - A Rebel Returns to the Catholic Faith


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By Jeff Cavins

My Life on the Rock, the dramatic conversion story of Jeff Cavins, (apologist and host of EWTN's Life on the Rock), is the true and bittersweet story of an emotional and spiritual search for peace in a chaotic world. Jeff was a rebel - and then he became a rebel for Jesus. This moving account of his journey, told in his own words, is sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, but never boring (just like Jeff). You won't want to put this book down. Jeff's story recounts his early Catholic upbringing, rejection of the Faith, ordination as a Protestant minister, and finally his return home to the Catholic Church. It definitely was not a smooth trip: he went toe-to-toe with his own father and three Bishops in his search for truth. So, if you are a Catholic searching for answers, or if you have a friend who has fallen away from the Church, read Jeff's book - he's been there.

Paperback 2002

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