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Mass Revision - How the Liturgy is Changing and What it Means for You


By Jimmy Akin

Mass Revision is another best-seller from award-winning author Jimmy Akin.

As always, Jimmy goes straight to the heart of the issue and cuts through the distortions that have surrounded the liturgy.

He quotes the Church’s own documents so you can see for yourself what the Church has to say and not be deceived by falsehood and spin.

Mass Revision provides an overview of the Mass from beginning to end, showing you exactly how the Church says it is to be celebrated.

Topics include:

  • the introductory rites,
  • the liturgy of the word,
  • the liturgy of the Eucharist,
  • who can and cannot receive Communion,
  • the concluding rites,
  • liturgical furnishings and vestments,
  • postures and actions during Mass,
  • as well as the hot-button issue of liturgical abuses.

Among its other amazing features, Mass Revision contains extensive bonus materials including:

  • a table of when we are to stand, sit, or kneel
  • a complete outline of the liturgy;
  • a guide to the Church’s liturgical documents
  • a timeline of how the Mass has changed over the years
  • the Holy See’s response to attempts to strip male terms out of the liturgy the U.S. bishops’ guidelines for receiving Communion
  • the future Pope Benedict’s controversial memo on pro-abortion politicians receiving Communion a table of liturgical abuses ranked by how severe they are; Pope Benedict’s documents on the old Latin Mass
  • a glossary giving the definitions of more than 200 liturgical words (so you won’t be mystified by them anymore!).

No other work comes close to delivering this amount of timely information in a concise, readable, and straightforward manner. Mass Revision is an indispensable resource. No one interested in the liturgy can afford to miss this powerful, must-read volume and they eye-opening information it contains.


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