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Mass Confusion - The Do's and Don'ts of Catholic Worship


By James Akin

No Catholic can be unaware of the crisis in Catholic liturgy. Even priests are often bewildered by the contradictory information put out by liturgical "experts." This one-of-a-kind book cuts through the confusion because it makes liturgical issues understandable for the laity. "Mass Confusion" empowers priests and laity alike to deal with the "liturgical elite." It explains what the Church does and doesn't allow in the liturgy. It gives you answers to your questions on hundreds of liturgical issues, distilled from a mountain of liturgical documents. It silences personal "interpretation" of the Church's liturgical law. And it documents your right to have Mass celebrated as the Church intended. Best of all, it provides this information in a clear and concise way.

"Priests are pulled to the 'left' and to the 'right' by groups with different agendas. This book cuts through the agendas and helps us steer a course toward a liturgy that is valid, licit, joyful, and focused on God rather than on the 'community.'" -Mitch Pacwa, S.J., author of "Father, Forgive Me, For I Am Frustrated"

"James Akin has assembled texts that govern the Church's life of worship and has done so in 'user-friendly' style. We should hope and pray that this effort to end 'Mass Confusion' will bring about genuine 'Mass Appeal.'" -Very Reverend Peter M.J. Stravinskas, S.T.D., Editor for The Catholic Response

Paperback 1999

Holy Mass