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Love & Life - Parent Guide


By Dr Coleen Kelly Mast

Love and Life is a positive, life-affirming presentation of God's plan for life and love. It is a proven and practical program for teaching chastity to teens. It shows how we learn to live and love according to God's two greatest commandments and the Beatitudes, which are nurtured in us through our lives in Jesus Christ.
An Essential part of the program, the parent's guide details the student's program and how to relate with your child during this journey.  A critical section of this guide helps you, the parent, answer those questions that should be spoken with your child in a private environment rather than a group setting (they are not covered in detail...if at all....within the student text).  Topics such as the reproductive system, contraception (and how to explain it to your child), and disordered behaviors (such as cohabitation, pornography, homosexuality) are all here. Now you, the parent can be prepared for questions or "opportunities" for education on these difficult topics.

Chapter 1: Innocent But Not Ignorant
Empower Teens with the Truth
What a Task in Today's Culture!
What Are Our Goals?
The Benefits of Education for Chastity
What Does a Positive and Prudent Education in Sexuality Really Mean?
Benefits for the Family
Parents--Growing in Confidence to Represent Christ

Chapter 2: Unit by Unit -- Love and Life
Chapter 3: Between the Parent and Child
Chapter 4: Education for a Lifetime
Chapter 5: Parish Implementation of Love and Life