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Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping


By a Friend of Medjugorje

After the French and Indian War (1763), the King of England disallowed an act made by the Colony of Virginia s assembly. In a lawsuit, a younglawyer by the name of Patrick Henry declared that the king was a tyrantand that by the act of disallowance, the king forfeited his right tohave the colonists remain obedient to him. If the beginning steps thatled to the formation of our nation started from such actions, which bycomparison to our situation today, was much less grievous, how muchmore justified would citizens be in taking similar actions in ourpresent situation? At what point do the wordsdeclared in the Declaration, It is their right, it is their duty tothrow off such government and provide new guards for their futuresecurity play in against the present form of government? The presentform of governing is not fulfilling the dreams our Forefathers had. Weare called to fulfill those dreams. The time is ripe. The time is now. 

Paperback 2008

Blessed Mother, Medjugorje