Living the Treasures in the Land of More - Discoveries of a New Catholic Christian


By Leona Choy

In Living in the Treasures in the Land of No More, Leona Choy picks up where she left off in her last memoir, My Journey to the Land of No More, in which she accounted her journey to the Catholic faith. Since entering full Communion with the Church in 2005, Leona Choy's journey has continued, and she has discovered greater and deeper treasures in the "Land of More". This book explores the unexpected blessings and ramifications of her conversion: What parts of her evangelical heritage was she able to bring with her, and what must be left behind? How was adjusting to the Catholic culture similar to experience as a missionary in China? These questions and more are explored in this spiritual treasure chest, perfect for converts and cradle Catholics alike, as well as not-yet-Catholic friends and family.

Paperback 2012

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