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Living in the Heart of the Father, Why the Paternal Heart of Life is the Answer to the Culture of Death


By Thomas W. Petrisko

“We raise our voices and pray that the Love which is in the Father,” Pope John Paul II writes in Dives in Misericordia, “may once again be revealed at this stage of history…that it may be shown to be present in our modern world to be more powerful than evil, more powerful than sin and death.”

Now, in our time, our Heavenly Father shows us the means to see this great Love of His that is so merciful, so wanting to be discovered – it is through His Heart of Life, His Divine Paternal Heart! It is the Heart He wants all to come to know, see, and love, for it is the Heart that created the universe out of Love.  It is the Heart, that out of Love, created mankind, each and every soul.  It is the Heart that lives and loves in every line of Scripture.  

Most of all, it is the Heart that has been waiting for so long to be discovered and to be loved, so it may then pour out upon mankind its greatest expression of Love.

Today, with the world mired in a crisis of civilization, the time has come to turn to The Heart of the Father.  We must first turn as individuals, Dr. Petrisko writes, and consecrate ourselves to our Father. Then, in a unified voice, we must request that the Church declare His Feast, the Feast of Life:  The Solemnity of the Divine Paternal Heart – the Feast of the Father of All Mankind.  It is the mystical answer, he argues, to ending the Culture of Death and to bringing a new Civilization of Life. 

Paperback, 2013

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