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Living in the Father's Embrace, Experiencing the Love at the Heart of the Trinity


By George T. Montague, SM

Most of us have a personal relationship with Jesus, but how well do we know God the Father? Are we able to call him "Abba", as Jesus did? Did we have a complicated relationship with our earthly father that keeps us distant from our Father? How do we look at the Father when we are dealing with grief and loss?

Scripture scholar and popular author George Montague touches on these questions and more in twenty beautifully written reflections that provide rich insights into the love at the heart of the Trinity. Montague uses everyday examples to helps us to envision what that awesome relationship is like between Father and Son and how they long, through the Holy Spirit, to bring each one of us into their communion of love. This is a book you will want to read again and again.

Paperback, 2014

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