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living a Eucharistic Spirituality


The Mass (Missa) has that name because all who participate are given a mission (missio) as they are sent forth to "fulfill God's will in their daily lives." In other words, we are called to live the Mass even after we leave the church building. That includes living as Christ did, observing the liturgical seasons, availing ourselves of the other sacraments, being devoted to the Eucharist reserved in the tabernacle, and giving loving service to others.
This deluxe pamphlet offers practical steps for building a solid Catholic spirituality on the foundation of the Eucharist. It is excerpted from a chapter of Father Lukefahr's most recent best-selling book We Worship: A Guide to the Catholic Mass. Questions for discussion and reflection, as well as suggested activities are included.
Those who wish to know our Lord and grow in the imitation of his life will find this to be an essential companion in their spiritual journey.
48-page deluxe pamphlet

by Oscar Likefahr, C.M.