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Lifework - A Workbook to Help You Find, Follow and Fulfill Your Purpose in Life - Workbook


By Rick Sarkisian, PhD

A workbook to help you find, follow and fulfill your purpose in life. This companion to the LifeWork life purpose library is designed to help you clearly see the wonderful plan God has specifically designed for you! In Part One of the workbook, you'll see that God wants you to experience the joy of discovering your vocation (what He wants you to be) and your mission or purpose in life (what He wants you to do). In Part Two, your understanding of God's call to a personal mission is expanded into the 7 LifeWork Areas - the components of life that truly matter the most: faith, relationships, work, knowledge, society, fitness and leisure. You'll learn how each area provides opportunities to use your time and talent, bringing great fulfillment as you do so. In the final section, Part Three, you will be asked to plan a course of action by completing the Action Plan Grid and Personal Mission Statement - both vital to the process of seeking true purpose in life. When you complete the workbook, you'll be well on the way to a life of great joy and personal satisfaction. Why? Because you'll know how to: FIND God's personal plan for your life - the unique vocation and mission He has designed just for you. FOLLOW God's lifelong call as His plan unfolds day-by-day, year-by-year. FULFILL the role God has authored in the great story of salvation, as you experience fulfillment in the 7 areas of life that matter most. Leading a group? Read on! This workbook was designed to be used by both individuals and groups with a section at the end of each chapter - "For Leaders and Groups" - that can be used with any size group.

Paperback 2005

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