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Life in God's Presence, A Simple Approach to Prayer

Every soul strives for unity with God. Over the centuries, spiritual guides have offered myriad methods for achieving such an intimate relationship. But those sincerely invested in the spiritual life know there is no shortcut to finding God. There is only one true path: through Christ.

This slim volume, penned by an anonymous Carthusian monk in the early twentieth century, offers a direct and practical way to advance one’s personal holiness. Set upon a foundation of Christ’s own words in the Gospels, Life in God’s Presence confesses that God offers every soul the means to unity with Him through the virtues of faith, hope, and love. These virtues, coupled with a straightforward, childlike approach to prayer, can lead a soul to recognize God’s presence in every aspect of daily life. By constantly and genuinely offering Him “all of our time, all of our strength, our whole soul”, eternal life need not wait until after death; it can begin here and now.