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Irish Playing Cards


■Irish playing cards: This deck features various Irish illustrations depicting emblems such as the Shamrock, which is the national flower of Ireland; the Irish harp, which is the heraldic symbol of Ireland; and the Claddagh - a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship.The cards are printed on 270 gsm paper.
■Design inspired by ancient art: The design of these cards is inspired by the style of illuminated manuscripts of ancient Ireland. Those manuscripts were produced by monks who were transcribing the gospels on parchment made from the skin of sheep or goats.
■Dimensions: The deck measures 3.8 inches in height and 2.6 inches in width. These cards are perfect for various card games, so they make a great addition to any player’s collection of cards.
■Made in Ireland: These amazing playing cards were made by Royal Tara, an Irish company that has been in business for over 50 years and is renowned for its high-quality authentically Irish giftware.